Technology Mission Statement

academics_technologySt. Columban School is dedicated to the teaching mission of the Catholic Church. As a school, we recognize that we live in a new media age and are immersed in a culture of evolving language and opportunities. The new technologies present possibilities and challenges, which must be explored and used in order to enhance and enrich the school’s programs and support student learning.

The technology used at St. Columban School is curriculum driven. The software and hardware reflect the curriculum of each grade level and is used as an enhancement to the educational process. We believe that it is our responsibility to develop and prepare students for 21st Century technology skills.  Students in grades Pre-K through 5 have access to computers and iPads.  Students in grades 6-8 use 1:1 tablets for daily class use.  This can include but is not limited to class notes, teacher and student presentations, and student research.

Vision: Students will utilize technology as they work toward achieving student learning outcomes. Teachers will utilize technology as they work to improve student learning and develop their own professional knowledge and skills. With the use of technology, the students, teachers and staff will broaden, enhance, and accelerate their learning. Technology will diversify the pathways by which students can pursue their educational outcomes and allow students to work at different levels, as appropriate to their abilities. Technology is playing a significant role in helping students work toward their high school, college and professional careers.


To increase the use of technology by students, faculty, and staff to enhance the curriculum

To increase the students’, teachers’ and staff’s knowledge and use of curriculum-driven technology

To increase the availability of resources for curriculum-based technology for students, faculty and staff

To update and acquire technology that will further enhance the curriculum