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Living Out Stewardship

Dear Parishioner,


As baptized members of the church, we are all called to become actively involved in the word and work of Jesus Christ. During the baptismal ceremony parents accept this responsibility on behalf of their children and renew their own promise. The active involvement of all members is central to our celebration of the Sunday Eucharist.


Our promise is most often lived out in the parish community by sharing our time, talents, and treasures. As you prepare to register your child for the upcoming school year, we ask you to reflect on your family participation in the parish life of St. Columban. To help you take a personal inventory of your gifts to our community, we ask you to please list on the following page the ways in which your family lives out stewardship. Please take the time to fill out this form completely as we use the information that you provide to determine acceptance in accordance with our priority admission list. If you are new to St. Columban, please complete this form using your past history from your previous school/parish.



Sincerely yours,


Mrs. Jo Rhoten, Principal

Reverend Lawrence R. Tensi, Pastor


Online Registration Forms (Part 3/4)

Part 3:  Living Out Stewardship (one form per family)

Talent (teaching in ERE, liturgical ministries, coaching sports, etc.)

Treasure (Sunday collection, parish commitment card, etc.)

Time (festival, school volunteers, stuffing bulletins, etc.)

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