Student Ministries

spiritual_studentServers: Students who are in the fifth grade or above are encouraged to consider the ministry of server. After proper training, four are assigned for each Mass, one as cross bearer, one as book bearer, and two as acolytes. Annual recommitment is necessary from both the server and from a parent or guardian.

Lectors: Lectors are students in grades seven and eight who have the gift and skills for proclaiming God’s word in our large worship space. Early in the school year, interested students complete an application form. Once assigned to the lector team, they are assigned to specific liturgies. Some students are lectors and read the Scripture. Other students are Readers, who read the Call to Worship and the Prayers of the Faithful. The St. Columban community is blessed to have many talented lectors.

Music: Students can be music ministers through cantoring, singing in the choir, or performing with the bell choir. These ministries are under the direction of the parish music director.

Eucharistic Ministers: Students in grade eight who are interested in becoming Ministers of Holy Communion are trained and assigned for Sunday liturgies and school liturgies, just like the adult ministers. Students must first complete an application form in the fall, write a paragraph explaining why they would like to be a Minister of Holy Communion and be interviewed by a member of the parish staff.

Ushers and Greeters: Outgoing and friendly students in grades five and six who like to welcome and assist visitors at our school liturgies can become greeters and ushers. They are especially helpful on holydays when the 9:00 A.M. Mass is crowded. An application form is distributed in September.