Mission And Belief Statements

school_missionMission Statement

To empower students to be ambassadors of the Catholic faith and prepare them to think critically, compassionately, and globally for the 21st century.

School Belief Statements:

We believe:

  • Christ is the center of our lives and we are called to be His disciples.
  • God has uniquely gifted each child, and that a Christ-centered education cultivates a student’s responsibility to develop and use his/her gifts in service to others.
  • Parents educate their children in the ways of faith through word and example, and that school and parish communities are their partners.
  • Connections with other cultures and customs foster respect and understanding of all peoples.
  • Rigorous and relevant instruction, supported by current technology, develops a student’s ability to think critically and adapt to unpredictable situations.
  • Self-discipline skills allow students to grow in responsibility and to act with integrity in society.
  • A school should be a model of ongoing commitment to excellence.

We assist students in becoming:

  • ambassadors of their faith who confidently share their knowledge of God and are committed to compassionate service rooted in Catholic beliefs and values.
  • respectful persons who honor the human dignity of others and show appreciation of God’s creation by being good stewards.
  • critical thinkers who have the skills necessary to evaluate information, creatively solve problems, and articulate viewpoints.
  • innovative individuals who are responsive to change and resourceful in new ways.
  • global citizens who embrace opportunities to learn about and interact with all cultures and people.