The safety of our students is our top priority, our goals and procedures are in line with local schools and we are on the leading edge among private/Archdiocesan schools in the area.  Below we have outlined actions taken to ensure student and staff safety every day and in all emergency situations.

Campus Security:

For years, St. Columban has worked diligently with the Loveland Police Department and security contractors to ensure the safety of all on campus.  

We have recently installed new interior and exterior cameras around campus. We have 2-way radios ensuring all staff has access to prompt communication to the office, (this 2-way radio communication is directly accessed by The Loveland Fire Department).  A 2-way radio in the office provides a direct connection to Loveland City Schools.  Additionally, we have Stop the Bleed bags in key areas on campus, 4 AEDs, 2 emergency phones, and emergency bags and first aid kits in each classroom.  The Loveland Fire Department tests smoke detectors, alarms and emergency buttons.          

Safety Training for students and staff:

Following state guidelines, the students practice regular fire and tornado drills, evacuation procedures from school and church, code yellow and code red lockdown drills and shelter in place.  At all grade levels we discuss the importance of See Something, Do Something, a policy that has served us VERY well.  All student training is done in a non-fearful, empowering way to ensure the students feel safe and comfortable talking about their feelings.  Faculty and staff gather for annual ALICE training with Loveland Police Department, EpiPen and Blood Born Pathogen training and many staff members are trained in general first aid and CPR.    


Safety Resource Officer:

Our largest investment in campus security has been the hiring of SRO Jake Steinkoenig. Officer Steinkoenig works tirelessly with our community and with the support of the Loveland Police Department to set policies and safety standards throughout campus. He meets with classes to discuss safety in all situations, including fire safety, stranger danger, and campus security.  He works with our entire community to discuss safety during and after school as well as weekend activities. Officer Steinkoenig serves on both school and parish safety teams to aid in communication with the parish, Boosters, Scouts and other student and community event planners to ensure safety policies are recognized and put into action without fail.


VIRTUS/Child Protection

From the Archdiocese of Cincinnati website:  "The light of Christ radiates forth from all who follow Him in faith, casting out the darkness of the sins and errors that hold us back from the joy and freedom that God has prepared for us.  At the same time, the failure to follow Christ by certain members of His Church offers a counter-witness to the Gospel, which causes grievous wounds to the Body of Christ.  The grave sin of sexual abuse committed by priests, employees and volunteers within the Church has caused great harm to victims and become a source of deep shame for Catholics in recent years. In response to these serious failures, the Church has made important reforms.  Here in the Archdiocese of Cincinnati, effective systems have been put into place to support victims and protect children and all vulnerable adults in all of our archdiocesan institutions. Since its promulgation in 1993, the Decree on Child Protection has directed the Archdiocese’s response to this issue."  More information can be found at


School Safety Team:

In 2018, St. Columban created its School Safety Committee made up of a diverse group of skilled stakeholders including faculty, staff and parents who meet throughout the year to discuss and implement current safety plans and tools around the school and campus. Members of the committee, led by the school administration, also meet with the Loveland Schools Safety Committee and participate in Loveland Safety meetings for coordination and cooperation efforts with the Department of Homeland Security, the Loveland Superintendent, Loveland Chief of Police, Local Principals, Loveland Fire Chief and the Greater Cincinnati Fusion Network.


Archdiocese of Cincinnati Student Accident Insurance Announcement: 

Student accident insurance is provided for all Archdiocesan enrolled students from preschool through the senior year of high school to pay for medical expenses incurred as the result of an injury occurring during school hours and/or during school-sponsored or school-supervised activities (excluding High School Interscholastic Sports and Football.) The Who, What, Where, When, and Why is explained in an informational brochure prepared by the Archdiocese.  


EPA Regulations for Asbestos:

In accordance with the regulations of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), St. Columban must notify parents, teachers, and other employees of the Asbestos Management Plan (Management Plan) and the response actions we take to maintain asbestos containing materials in our school.  The Asbestos Management Plan, updated every three years, is prepared for our school by a certified environmental company ensuring the proper maintenance and response for asbestos-containing materials or suspect asbestos-containing materials in our school.   When needed, appropriate response actions will be taken to ensure the asbestos is maintained in good condition.  Re-inspections are completed every three years since the original inspection.  Copies of these reports are on file in the school office.

Custodians and maintenance workers have been instructed on the health effects of asbestos and trained how to correctly repair minor concerns or contain problem areas until the appropriate authorities can take action. They have also have received training on the importance of maintaining this material in good condition during their normal day to day activities. If you wish to review the Management Plan, please contact Patrick Lesher in the Parish office.