In the Catholic education tradition, we create a learning environment that celebrates each child's unique gifts. We surround your child with inspiring, capable, and engaging educators who will help to identify and nurture each student's talents to succeed in and out of the classroom.


Meet our teachers and faculty.


Celebrating 43 years educating in Catholic schools last year - 38 of those at St. Columban, 14 as Principal - Mrs. Rhoten leads our community with a practiced and passionate certainty. 

She earned her undergrad degree and principals license from Xavier Uni. and a masters from MaryGrove.

Mrs. Jo Rhoten

A lifelong Bobcat, Mrs. Geier is a St.Columban alum, parent, parishioner and now an office staff member of 3 years.

Mrs. Angie Geier
Admin. Asst.
Mrs. Angie Geier
Administrative Asst.

Originally from Akron, Ohio Mrs. Betonte moved to the area in 2005. She has been the school secretary of St. Columban since 2007. In 2018, she was nominated as an MND Angel Educator by a St. Columban Alumni. Mary enjoys time with her family, especially her three granddaughters.

Mrs. Mary Betonte
Mrs. Mary Betonte
Mrs. Lynn W,
Pre-K Secretary
Mrs. Lynn Weisgerber
Pre-K Secretary

"I am a St. C grad, a parent of two current students, a parishioner, and faculty. I feel blessed to be a part of this loving community and so proud of what we achieve together"


- Mrs. Angie Geier

Mrs. Cooper grew up in Loveland and attended Transylvania University in Lexington. She earned her Master’s degree from Georgetown College in Teacher Leadership.  A Pre-K teacher in Archdiocese of Cincinnati for four years, she and Mrs. George were the first St. C Pre-K teachers.

Mrs. Laura Cooper


After graduating from Xavier University, Mrs. George has been teaching for 12 years. This is her second year at St. Columban. As a teacher, parent, parishioner, and alumni, she loves the caring community. She also enjoys traveling, baking and spending time with family.

Mrs. Amy George

A St. Columban teacher for 11 years, Mrs. Krause fell in love with kindergarten during her student teaching and has been teaching kindergarten ever since! She studied Special Ed. at UC and received a Master’s in Elementary Ed. and an Early Ed. of the Handicapped certificate.

 Mrs. Mary Krause


After undergrad at Xavier University she completed her Master's degree in Literacy from the Uni. of Dayton. This is Mrs. Kanitz fourth year teaching and first year at St. Columban. Here interests include reading, painting, and traveling, and planning her summer wedding.

Ms. Julie Kanitz, Kindergarten

 Mrs. Julie Wiegand


This is Mrs. McCloud’s 32nd year in St. Columban’s first grade.  She is married, lives in Milford, and has two adult children. She graduated from Wright State University with a degree in Elementary Education.

Mrs. Diana McCloud

1st Grade

Mrs. Kallmyer is a St. Joseph’s College grad and completed her Advanced Certification in Religious Ed. from the Archdiocese. Teaching at St. Columban since 1997 she is now also the assistant director of the Drama Club and on the Sunshine Team and School Safety Team.  A mother of two boys whom she adopted through foster care and a sweet dog, Maeve.

Ms. Pam Kallmyer
1st Grade

This is Mrs. Winter’s 18th year teaching at St. Columban and proud parent of alumni. She has an undergrad degree from the Uni. of Dayton and a Masters in Education from Xavier.  She loves to vacation with her family and every year they visit Walloon Lake, Michigan.

 Mrs. Lisa Winter

2nd Grade 

Mrs. Zude grew up in Cincinnati area and now lives in Milford. She received her degree from the University of Cincinnati and has taught at St. Columban for 33 years. The first 29 in the first grade.

Mrs. Shelly Zude

2nd Grade


“34 years ago I began teaching at St. C and I can't imagine being anywhere else! From the faculty and staff to the students, their parents and siblings, St. Columban has truly become my family.”


- Mrs. Zude

Teaching has been Mrs. Bowling’s passion for 28 wonderful years. She graduated from the Uni. of Louisville, and has taught first, second, third and fifth grades. She lives in Milford and is a wife, mother of three, and enjoys reading, being outdoors and sewing.

Mrs. Alison Bowling

3rd Grade

Mrs. Quisno has a Bach. Of Ed. from Edgecliff College. She has been teaching at St. C. for 27 years, first as an art teacher and math tutor, but have spent most of the time in grade three.  Her children graduated from here, and she now has grandchildren in the school. Her hobbies are her horses and crafts.

Mrs. Mary Ellen Quisno

3rd Grade

Mrs. Mary Ellen Quisno

3rd Grade

Mrs. Judd has been a parishioner at St. C for 23 years and all three of her kids are St. C grads With a degree from Miami, she has been teaching at St. C for 8 years and taught 3rd grade in Norwood City Schools prior. She enjoys traveling, walking, doing yoga and reading.

Mrs. Beth Judd

4th Grade

Mrs. Herrick has a degree from the Uni. of Dayton for Middle Childhood Education. She has taught for three years with this being her first at St. Columban. She loves video games, singing, theatre, and St. C because of the kindness and generosity of the school family.

Mrs. Lisa Worpenberg

4th Grade

This is Mrs. Kindt’s 19th year at St. Columban. She graduated from Saint Mary’s College with a degree in Elementary Ed. She has three children who have all attended (are attending) St. Columban and they love how they are challenged to be the best they can be! In her free time she likes to read and spend time with her family.

Mrs. Beth Kindt

5th Grade

Mrs. Quehl went to Western Kentucky and NKU and now teaches reading for 5th and 6th grade and 5th grade writing.. She is married with three kids and loves to read and do yoga.

Mrs. Stephanie Quehl 

5th Grade AM

With a degree from OSU and a Master’s degree in Elementary Ed. from UC this is Mrs. Sorter’s 18th year teaching at St. Columban. For most of those years she has been teaching 5th grade science. She has three children who all attended St. Columban. 

Mrs. Patty Sorter

5th Grade PM

Mrs. Goedde grew up in Lima, Ohio and graduated from Ohio State University. She is currently in her 29th year of teaching at St. Columban and enjoys working in her yard, riding her bike and taking walks.

Ms. Jane Goedde

6th Grade

“Students at St. Columban are encouraged to seek truth by pursuing both faith and reason. They are not in opposition but rather complement one another and point to the trust that God loves each of us.”


- Mr. McPheron

Originally from CAROLltown, PA, Mrs. Carol Newton graduated from the Uni. of Pittsburgh where she was a competitive cheerleader.  This is her 19th year at St. Columban where she has taught 4th, 5th and now 6th grade English & Religion. She is married with one daughter, Mary who is a sophomore at Ursuline.

Mrs. Carol Newton

6th Grade

Mrs. Zizelman has a B.A. in Psychology from Ohio Wesleyan Uni. and completed teaching education program at University of North Florida for Middle Grades Integrated Curriculum. She is currently in her second year at St. C and 10th year teaching. She loves to cook, read, enjoy craft projects, and decorate cakes.

Mrs. Amanda Zizelman

Jr. High

Ms. Emily Gilbert

Jr. High

Mr. McPheron graduated from Lourdes College and has been teaching for 18 years - 16 at St. Columban. He teaches 7th Grade Life Science and 8th Grade Physical Science.

Mr. Ben McPheron

Jr. High

Mrs. Hanzel has a Bachelor’s degree in Communications from the University of Dayton and a Master’s degree in Education from Xavier.  She has been a teacher at St. Columban for ten years. Her daughters are 2004 and 2007 graduates of the school, so her involvement dates back to 1996.

Mrs. Linda Hanzel

Jr. High

Mr. Drinnen received his bachelors from Xavier University and masters from Marygrove College.

He has been teaching at St. Columban for 29 years and did his student teaching here. He enjoys traveling, spending time with family and friends, and has hosted exchange students for 20 years.

Mr. Chad Drinnen, 8th Grade

 Mr. Chad Drinnen

Jr. High 


“I love St. Columban because it offers a great educational foundation for future studies. It is not only where I am an educator, but it is also my place of worship. I have a strong sense of a faith community here.”


- Mr. Drinnen

Mrs. Laufersweiler earned a Master of Music degree in Opera Performance  from the University of Northern Colorado. She has been a classroom teacher for 8 years, 3 years at St. Columban, and has been involved in the Drama Club since 2013.  Her hobbies include working on her home and garden, and reading.

Mrs. Kristin Laufersweiler Music

Mrs. Gregory has been a teacher for 44 years.  She graduated from Edgecliff College with an Education degree and received her Masters in the Art of Teaching  from Marygrove College. She originally taught at St. Mark’s and came to St. Columban 31 years ago - teaching art for 15 of those. She enjoys reading, classic movies, art related activities and craft, and spending time with my family, especially her grandchildren some of whom now attend St. C.

Mrs. Maureen Gregory


Mrs. Dillhoff was born in Lima, Peru but is originally from Colombia.  Her native language is Spanish as she lived in seven countries while she was growing up.  She graduated college from Notre Dame where she met her husband. They have three daughters and are active parishioners at St. C.

Mrs. Dino Dillhoff


Mrs. Morman has been librarian at St. Columban for 15 years.  She is a graduate of the University of Dayton with a degree in education.  She taught 5th-7th grades for 6 years before she became a mom of three great kids who all graduated from St. Columban.  She went in to teaching for two reasons: she loves kids and books!

Mrs. Sue Morman


Mr. Dailey graduated from Miami University and has been teach physical education at St. Columban for 27 years.

Mr. Dan Dailey
Physical Education

Educated at Mt. St. Joseph, Mrs. Rohan earned her BSN degree and later completed her school nurse practicum.  She worked at Children’s Hospital, Cincinnati Health Dept., and was a stay at home mom for her three children.  She has been the nurse at St. Columban for 24 years.

Mrs. Sue Rohan

Mrs. Deeley has her BA in Psychology and BS in Nursing from Saint Mary’s College.  She has 5 boys and has been a St. Columban parent for 13 years.

Mrs. Megan Deeley

Additional Departments:

Intervention Specialists: Mrs. Elizabeth Richardson and Mrs. Emily Venosa

Enrichment Specialist: Mrs. Mary Ann Beranek
Psychologist: Mrs. Lisa Roller
Reading Specialist: Mrs. Kathy Johnston
Speech and Language: Mrs. Christine Rand
Technology Director: Ms. Samantha Zimmer


Teachers Aides


St. Columban School staffs 16 teachers aides to assist the teachers throughout the week.  The Pre-K has an aide in each room all day every day to support the teacher and students providing a 10:1 teacher to student ratio in the PK classrooms.

The Kindergarten classrooms have an aide 5 days a week whose time is shared among the two rooms.  Their daily assistance creates the 17:1 teacher-student ratio in the Kindergarten classrooms.


The remaining school aides time is divided among grades 1-8.   The younger classrooms receive more time from the instructional assistants as the students needs are greater.   As the students grow and mature less assistance is needed in the upper classrooms.






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