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In the Catholic education tradition, we create a learning environment that celebrates each child's unique gifts. We surround your child with inspiring, capable, and engaging educators who will help to identify and nurture each student's talents to succeed in and out of the classroom.


Meet our teachers and faculty.


“I love St. Columban because it offers a great educational foundation for future studies. It is not only where I am an educator, but it is also my place of worship. I have a strong sense of a faith community here.”


- Mr. Drinnen


“34 years ago I began teaching at St. C and I can't imagine being anywhere else! From the faculty and staff to the students, their parents and siblings, St. Columban has truly become my family.”


- Mrs. Zude



“Students at St. Columban are encouraged to seek truth by pursuing both faith and reason. They are not in opposition but rather complement one another and point to the trust that God loves each of us.”


- Mr. McPheron





St. Columban School staffs 16 teachers aides to assist the teachers throughout the week.  The Pre-K has an aide in each room all day every day to support the teacher and students providing a 10:1 teacher to student ratio in the PK classrooms.

The Kindergarten classrooms have an aide 5 days a week whose time is shared among the two rooms.  Their daily assistance creates the 17:1 teacher-student ratio in the Kindergarten classrooms.


The remaining school aides time is divided among grades 1-8.   The younger classrooms receive more time from the instructional assistants as the students needs are greater.   As the students grow and mature less assistance is needed in the upper classrooms.

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