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Updated: Jan 6, 2019

Nurturing spiritual growth enriched in Catholic education.

We recognize and supports the spiritual development of your children. We strive to support you in your role of primary educators by providing a community of faith in which students can grow. We help students to develop a meaningful relationship with God through prayer, the sacraments, and liturgical worship and encourage the practical application of a student’s faith convictions in everyday living.

Students participate in Eucharist, Morning Prayer, Taize, or Prayer Service once a week in communal services arranged by the school. They receive regular religious instruction to learn and explore the basic doctrine and Gospel values of our Catholic faith and are provided many opportunities for practicing their faith through service to others.

St. Columban School, church, Father Larry
Father Larry talking with first graders

Our students are encouraged to become ministers of the faith through the server, lector, greeter, music and Eucharistic ministries. Active involvement in ministry helps the students to develop a sense of belonging and a sense of responsibility to the parish.


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