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Message: Grandparents Day, Iready, PaySchools App and more

Good afternoon, Parents and Guardians,

I hope you have enjoyed the beautiful weekend! Here are a few updates for this week...

Grandparent's Day:

The full schedule for Grandparent's Day will be in this Wednesday's parent newsletter. For your convenience, we have included below the location where grandparents should meet their students when they arrive on Wednesday. Please note the split in groups with students' whose names end in the letter "M."

Students with names ending in A-McC will meet their grandparents in the gym between 8:45 and 8:55.

Students with names ending in McD-Z will meet their grandparents in the church between 8:45 and 8:55.

Students who do not leave with their grandparents must be picked up between 11:30 and 11:45. The teachers will have a work day for the afternoon. I appreciate your support of this important time for teachers to plan and hold meetings.

iReady Testing:

The iReady testing window closes this Friday. Our students have done well with testing, and we appreciate your support by having them well-fed and rested for their testing days. As you know, iReady is a new assessment for our school, and the process of analyzing the scores is very different from the Star360 testing that we used in the past. Faculty and staff will participate in continuing professional development this year to best analyze the data received from the testing and the use of the personalized learning component of the iReady program. This component provides personalized learning suggestions and lessons for your students based on their testing data. The teachers are excited to use this important part of the program. Our next professional development, which will focus on analyzing the data and personalized learning, will take place on October 10. To provide accurate and complete information for each student's fall testing, score results/reports will not be released to parents until after this professional development. This will not delay intervention services for our students. We appreciate your patience as we work to provide the most accurate information for your student's learning achievements and needs.

PTO 365 Raffle:

We had a great time at the 365 Raffle parade on Friday! Students received an envelope on Friday with raffle information and tickets to sell. Please support, as you are able, this one and only fundraiser for our PTO. The funds received from this raffle directly benefit our students, teachers, and, ultimately, the community! We are grateful for your support!

Picture Day:

Our fall school pictures will be taken this Wednesday, September 20. Students may come out of uniform but should be dressed appropriately for school pictures.

Milford Lunch Announcement :

The PaySchools app is now available for your convenience. Please search the Apple App Store or Google Play for the PaySchools Central App.

Have a great week!


Mrs. Muchmore


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