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Newsletter: Lunch, Meet the Teacher, Drama Club Presents Finding Nemo Kids

Parents and Guardians,

Welcome back! Our first day of school was absolutely wonderful! Hearing all the voices

and seeing all the activities taking place was heartwarming. Our Bobcats are back!

We are asking for more volunteers this year than in the past to help Officer Vicky and

the staff monitor the students and campus. PTO has graciously set up their traditional

SignUp Genius for lunch and recess help, along with an additional tab for volunteers to

assist in monitoring the campus throughout the school day. We are grateful for any

amount of time you can give to ensure our students are safe during their recess time

and school day. Please go to the PTO link on the school website to access the SignUp

Genius. As always, you must be current on your Safe Parish account to volunteer with

the students on campus.

We are looking forward to parents and guardians joining us this Friday at 8:30 for our

first school mass! May God’s peace be with you always.


Mrs. Muchmore

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