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Newsletter: Students have completed the iReady assessment

Dear Parents and Guardians,

The fall weather is invigorating, and that energy is with us during this busy week! The PTO 360 Raffle, Picture Day, and Grandparent’s Day are keeping the students and teachers active this week, along with all the wonderful academics that are taking place. In addition, the new community center roof placement has been interesting to watch as the large crane lifts the materials high into the sky and onto the building. Our students are surely getting an education in construction!

Students have completed the iReady assessment! We are proud of your children and their dedication to giving their best during this fall testing time.

Faculty and staff will be having training on October 10 to analyze scores more thoroughly and learn how to effectively use the personalized learning component of iReady. Due to the difference between the Star360 and the iReady assessments, we want to ensure that we have analyzed testing properly before releasing or discussing the results with parents. Therefore, we will not release your child’s testing results until mid-October to allow the training to occur and teachers and interventionists the time to review student testing results after the additional professional development. Be assured that preliminary reviews are occurring and students deemed to need intervention services are on the teachers’ and intervention staff’s radar. Gifted services will be added in October. Those students who were already participating in the intervention and/or the gifted programs have already or will begin receiving those services next week. We appreciate your patience with this new assessment!

We are still seeking three instructional aides, one for PreK (three days per week) and two for the lower grades (two days per week each) in kindergarten and first grade. If you are interested or know someone who might be interested, please contact me via phone or email (513-683-7903, ext. 3011 or We are grateful for our instructional aides, who are top-notch and vital to everything we do for our students each day!

We are very excited for the PTO sponsored Grandparent’s Day this Friday. Please see the schedule on pg. 3 of this newsletter. Thank you to Mrs. Shelly Williams who took on the role of chairperson this year! Mrs. Williams has been working on the event since before the new school year began. We also want to thank all the volunteers who have signed up to monitor doors, serve donuts and coffee, and help keep the cafeteria and parish hall in order, as well as Mr. Mussari, Mrs. Kerley, and Ms. Bellman, who have been organizing our two masses for the day. It is a great team, and sure to be a wonderful day of celebration for our grandparents and students!

Have a great rest of the week! May God’s peace be with you always.


Mrs. Muchmore

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