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PTO MEETING - 4/5/23

St. Columban PTO Meeting

April 5, 2023

8:30 AM, Cafeteria

Attendees –

Christine Settlemire

Amanda Kommeth

Sarah Estill

Liz Rigby

Kaitlen Viscomi

Alison Shimala

Michelle Hosta

Mrs. Muchmore

8:53 AM – Call to Order by Amanda Kommeth

8:53 AM – Opening Prayer by Sarah Estill

8:53 AM – Treasurer Report (Amanda Kommeth for Erin Giblin)

  • $147,000 current bank balance

  • Total income $117,564, waiting for Kroger reward check

  • Community events budget, slightly over

  • 5th / 6th grade dances, budget $3,000

  • Laptops for teachers, invoice coming in soon ($9000 budget)

  • 8th grade scholarships, plan to congratulate them from PTO (funded by PTO) – Mrs. Muchmore to talk to Mr. Drinnen

  • Sherman thank you note (PTO raffle donation back)

  • 365 Raffle, next year

  • Potentially move to later in the year due to Harvest Festival raffle tickets? March / spring timing? March Madness theme

  • Parent survey?

  • Float budget

  • Need to confirm with Parish their intentions with Summer Festival / Harvest Festival – reach out to Cathy Nagy (when is best to have that conversation?)

    • Also, will the festival be on hold this year due to the construction

9:22 AM – President’s Report (Amanda + Michelle)

  • Do It For Jack Foundation

    • 5th – 8th grade discussion with kids (at school), there will be an opt out

    • Parents information session will be April 24, 6:30 PM in Parish Hall (RSVP by April 21)

    • Flyer will be in newsletters / PTO statement – PTO FaceBook page, Cathy Nagy and to Amie Cook for newsletter and Option C

    • PTO Donation to the Foundation (School presentations budget) - $1000? Confirm with Erin what could be in the budget for this?

  • Father Larry retirement gift, budget?

    • Something in the Mary Garden, St. Francis, water feature

  • Mary Garden

    • Bricks for memorial area

    • Spring clean-up needed in both areas, students to help during recess / student volunteer house

  • 8th grade reception for Graduation, after mass in Parish Hall

    • Provide dessert and beverages

    • May 26th / 7:00 PM graduation, 8:00 reception

    • Décor – balloons

    • 7th grade parents to help with this event

    • Liz Rigby to post to 7th grade FaceBook page

    • Send an RSVP home to the parents

  • PTO board for next year

    • Need official votes for Sarah E. moving to Co-President and Kaitlen V. who wants to run for Liz’s 1st VP position

  • 5th and 6th grade events –

    • Father-Daughter, Carrie Woodward chair (Friday, 5/12), 7-9 PM

    • Mother-Son, Libby Westerman chair (Saturday, 5/13), 7-9 PM

    • Themes being decided, then team will need to be put together

    • DJs hired ($1,000)

    • $2,000 budget left over

    • For next year, will need to look at Volleyball earlier in the year

    • Post to PTO FB page today

    • Also to post to specific grade Facebook pages and homeroom email

  • Loveland Cares, May 10th volunteer event

    • 9:30 – 11:00 AM

    • Extend to ambassadors and new board members

  • Teacher Appreciation – 1st week of May

    • Lunches throughout the week provided

    • Gift baskets

    • Donations coming in

    • Write thank you notes to companies donated

  • New recess items

    • Pickleball nets, storage options

    • PreK new balls and Cafeteria side recess

    • Outdoor blocks

    • Soccer goals and balls

    • *All board members approved all of the above

10:41 AM -- Closing Prayer, Liz Rigby

NEXT PTO MEETING – Friday, May 5, 2023 – plan to discuss summer to-do items


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