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PTO Meeting Minutes 2/10/23

St. Columban PTO Meeting

February 10, 2023

8:45 AM, Cafeteria

Attendees –

Christine Settlemire

Alison Shimala

Sarah Estill

Michelle Hosta

Erin Giblin

Liz Rigby

Mrs. Bowling

Amanda Kommeth

Mrs. Muchmore

8:55 AM – Call to Order

8:55 AM – Opening Prayer by Sarah Estill

8:56 AM – Treasurer Report (Erin Giblin)

  • $156,603 current bank balance

  • CSW shirts

  • Super Bowl Square?

  • Final invoice still to come in for cafeteria flooring (labor)

  • Kroger Rewards – potential out of uniform day

  • Amazon Smiles – potential to add this as well for rewards to go to St. Columban as well; out of uniform reward day – looking at early March

9:05 AM – President’s Report (Amanda + Michelle)

  • Officers for 2023-2024:

    • Co-President will be needed (preferably from the current board if at all possible)

      • Sarah Estill offered to run for Co-President for 2 years (2023/2024 and 2024/2025)

    • 1st Vice President will be needed (Liz Rigby’s current position)

    • 2nd Vice President will be needed (Sarah Estill’s current position since she is running for Co-President)

    • Need a Chair for PTO Fundraiser for 2023-2024 – ‘365 Raffle’

      • Reach out to a few of the school community members who have expressed interest in taking on something ‘larger’

      • Potentially co-chair – Marketing side (parade, signs, muffins morning, overall promotion) / backend side

    • Post these openings on PTO Facebook page and in the Option C / also on the PTO website (link from the Option C email to the PTO website) – early March

  • Easter Egg Hunt – April 2nd, 1:00 at Silvercat Field

    • Father Larry to do a blessing

    • Double check Duke will be done with the gas lines

    • Early march meeting to discuss more planning

      • Discuss bringing back a lunch option – hot dog, pizza?

    • Volunteers that morning to help

    • 8th graders to fill eggs (reach out to Mr. Drinnen)

  • Lent Service Activity – Life Food Pantry (Alison Shimala to handle from here)

    • Parents / kids / community – something on a weekend or evening

    • Coordinate + collaborate with Student Council

  • Author / Aquarium –

    • PreK and Kindergarten – local author, Bumble Land

    • Aquarium – they have new pricing / increased for 2023 (assembly program / non-touch program)

    • Other options – museum on wheels?, petting zoo?

  • School supply boxes –

    • Sarah Estill to chair this year, will meet with Amanda and Michelle to go over vendors

    • Will then send letters and deadlines to teachers regarding needs for next year

  • 5th / 6th grade events –

    • Alison Shimala and Amanda Kommeth will run Mother/Daughter

    • Libby Westerman will run Father / Son

    • Waiting on dates from Grand Sands

Other –

  • Considering supplying snow cones on the last day of school, field day

  • Considering FC Cincinnati family day (pay to come) towards the end of the school year

  • Looking at a Back to School social event before school starts at Hops + Berries

10:45 AM -- Closing Prayer, Alison Shimala

NEXT PTO MEETING – March 3, 2023

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