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St. Columban PTO Meeting Minutes: 9/2/22

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

September 2, 2022, 8:30 AM, Cafeteria

Minutes from the most recent St. Columban School PTO Meeting

Attendees –

Mrs. Muchmore

Mrs. Bowling

Christine Settlemire

Alison Shimala

Jessica Cherry

Katie R.

Melynda Bowers

Liz Rigby

Sarah Estill

Amy Watkins

Erin Giblin

Laura Froehle

8:34 AM – Prayer by Alison

8:35 AM –Treasurer report by Erin

  • Ending balance $167,000 as of yesterday

  • The gift fund down $700 so far

  • Membership down $1300

  • Paper Products down -- $400

  • Liz -- $2000 left in acct

  • School projects -- $12,500 budget and spent 9,400 spent already

8:37 AM – Liz Rigby

  • PTO 365 Raffle kickoff on 9/16

  • Signups went out, still have some openings, Liz to send again and think about who might be good to volunteer

  • Have some patrol cars lined up

  • NEED donation – Nut Free Candy, non-chocolate

  • NEED more candy this year compared to last year

  • NEED any dinosaur slap bracelets, stickers, tattoos

  • NEED truck for parade (Settlemire, Watkins)

  • 1:00 for the parade, start in front of school and wrap around the back, kids on one side of the street

    • *Thursday (8th) evening 6-8 PM (outside?) – make posters at the school for the morning of kick-off

    • *Wednesday (7th) 10A -12 (conference room in office) – pack envelopes, 12 tickets in every envelope, Mrs. Muchmore to block the room for us

  • Share it on Facebook pages to get the word out

  • Sarah E. to post to Facebook PTO page – things that PTO has been doing, playground equipment, memorial garden, cafeteria upgrades, teachers to take pictures of what they’ve bought (with kids), PTO field trips

  • ASK JIMMY Settlemire -- 5-6 feet dinosaur -- $50, custom life-size cut-out

  • Vinyl clings for kids' desks – PreK through 4?

  • Dinosaur headbands PreK-K-1st, color pages

  • Dollar store – dinosaur hats

  • Decorations for the red brick hallway needed:

  • Dinosaur footprints out front, banners, something in the classrooms

  • Teachers to put it out on their weekly website pages

  • Countdown to PTO raffle on Facebook page (Sarah) – start next week on Friday, 1 week out – 9/9

9:02 AM – Presidents Update (Michelle)

Cafeteria updates:

New sound boards

New paint happening

Signs will be hung

New bulletin boards – 9/7 will get hung

Hang pictures received

Viewsonic – 9/7 will get hung

New microwave purchased

Need signs for what NOT to put in microwaves

New cabinet for microwaves has arrived

Combine Champions “stuff” so it’s not as cluttered

Placement for bulletin boards – options discussed; best placement will be on both sides of viewsonic as long as white boards are not needed

Mrs. Muchmore to ask teachers if white boards will be useful or not?

Floor – December install

Tables – went with the red ones (round) with black seats

Memorial Garden updates:

Doug came back out for some 2nd phase ideas

Logo, crest with cross

Pillars to add height – Faith, Family, Future

Cement bobcat paw prints

‘Memorial’ part options – St. Columban Memorial Garden, name plaques under overhang (take this idea to Parish if it’s attached to the wall), or engraved paw prints in the ground

Rules for “who” goes into this memorial garden, protocols discussed – student, teacher, staff, coach, start with Jack Q. (‘school related’)

Committee to “approve” these going forward, Pastor, Principal, member of PTO

Add to by-laws as well so that it’s set for next PTO board

Community Events:

Need chairs for upcoming events (or Co-Chair)

Trunk or Treat, October (10/22nd -- ?) – simple event, cars, treats, hot chocolate, popcorn, KOC does anything?


Glow stuff

POST TO FB PAGE to ask for someone to Chair this (Sarah)

Thanksgiving – something simple, leaf of a tree for kids to write what they are thankful for and then PTO makes a tree to display them all (red brick hallway) – ask Mrs. Durham

Cookies for the kids? At lunchtime, PTO to provide – 11/22?

PTO service event? Something with SMOY

Our Daily Bread in OTR, make sandwiches, we pay for sandwiches and school families bring in the extras

Sign up genius to come help (families)

Involve Room parents

Life Pantry is another option (in Loveland)

Sweet Cheeks – diaper donations

PTO boards come together with SMOY for a meeting? Liz is friends with another PTO member from SMOY

Christmas, decorating the school halls (over Thanksgiving weekend)– need a chair for this, need an overall theme

Amy Watkins potential to chair this as long as she’s in town over Thanksgiving weekend

Integrate more faith-filled, faith traditions around the world – St. Nick, Jesus, Mary + Joseph, manger scene, angels, ‘religious Christmas songs’ – O Holy Night, Angels we have Heard on High,

How can teachers help plan?

Do not cover fire extinguishers

Keep older kids in mind - 4-6th, 7-8th

Avoid outside of doors, maybe only inside of doors

PreK idea as well, entry way – ‘Little Drummer Boy’

Still do Christmas lights hang

Get Room Parents to volunteer with this event, NO kids

Christmas, Santa Event –Melynda has an idea, will take this on

Crafts – scouts, use as a service activity


General Assembly – K-4, 9/12, 6:30

Video to play on viewsonic, display recent projects

Teachers to introduce, visually come to the front

Ask for ambassadors

Membership forms at this night, SET THESE OUT for more to sign up (100-200 print outs)

Erin to provide the Square for this night, credit card

Include in next week’s newsletter, reminde

Testimony for Volunteer to speak at General Assembly– Jimmy Settlemire to do one

Need someone else?? Lori? Shelby? Julie M? Michele to ask someone

Grandparents Day – 9/23

PTO sponsored (this was not clear last year)

PTO 365 raffle tickets – subtle table, Red Brick hallway

Missy Z. last year chairing this, she is looking for someone to take it on for next year (has a few ideas already of who)

Who to use this year for the donuts, Holtman’s, or Buskin??

100 dozen donuts are needed

Pictures did not go out last year, need to go out with this years

Drinks order through cafeteria (Mrs. Muchmore)

Nature Trail, needs cleanup, springtime – work with Scouts (Katie R.)

Station of the Cross spruce-up

Outdoor classroom area

10:22 AM -- Closing Prayer, Sarah Estill


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