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What You Need to Know to Prepare for First Communion

Updated: Jan 6, 2019

Our daughter is in second grade at St. Columban and we are thrilled to receive her First Communion this year. The teachers and faculty do a fantastic job of making it a special, memorable and exciting milestone for the students. The most wonderful thing for our family is that the school, church and teachers weave this sacrament into the students' daily lives each and every day at school. Preparing them, teaching them, and guiding them towards their big day in May.  This makes our job as parents much easier, which is to reinforce everything they learn at school and at church, and be there to support and encourage our child in this next big sacrament in their lives.

I have been blown away with the knowledge and understanding that my daughter comes home with about the sacraments, the Bible, memorizing and reciting prayers, and an overall understanding of receiving her First Reconciliation and First Communion.

Here are a few key events that parents need to attend in preparation for the second grade sacraments:

1) Two informational parent meetings to explain what to expect for First Reconciliation and First Communion (October and February)

2) 2 retreats at St. Columban with your child to learn about Reconciliation and First Communion (December and February)

3) First Reconciliation Service (December)

4) First Communion Practice (May)

5) First Communion  (May)

The teachers do a great job of communicating information about the sacraments and keeping parents informed. They have all of the dates and times planned out on a calendar so you will know what to expect, when each event is, where to go, and what you will need to do. Parents receive this list of important dates at the beginning of the school year so you can plan ahead and know exactly what to expect.

I graduated from St. Columban in 1998, and I also received the sacrament of First Communion in second grade at St. Columban.  Although I had Sister Marcia and my daughter has Mrs. Winter, the experience feels so similar. It brings back the most fond memories of a very special time in my childhood with some of the most special teachers and friends that are still apart of my life today.  I am so proud and honored that my oldest daughter is following in my footstep and receiving her First Communion with the same loving, amazing and caring community. 


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